What You Need to Know About Immigration Bonds

An immigration bond is the payment is that is made to get released from prison after being arrested from being in the country illegally. An immigration bond is only given if the immigrant has satisfied certain conditions or has met the criteria to be awarded the immigration bond. The immigration bond is paid as you await the court proceedings or for the judge to pass the verdict. The immigration bond acts as surety that the immigrant will stay in the country and await trial. The amount of immigration bond to be paid will depend on the case as well as the magnitude of the case.
The immigration bond at https://www.usimmigrationbonds.com/texas-immigration-bonds/ should be paid in full before the detainee is released from custody. You should know that there are two types of immigration bonds. There is the delivery bond and the voluntary departure bond. Delivery bond is where an arrest warrant is used and the notice of custody conditions are stated. The main purpose of the delivery bond is to ensure that the detainee will be available for all the court hearings and wait for the immigration judge to make a verdict on the case. The detainee is supposed to attend all the immigration hearings once this bond is approved. The delivery bond is nonrefundable once it has been approved and paid.
On the other hand, voluntary departure bond at https://www.usimmigrationbonds.com/texas-immigration-bonds/ is approved with the condition that the detainee will leave the country voluntarily at their own expense. A timeline is specified on when the detainee is expected to be out of the country. You should note that departure bond is refundable once the immigrant is out of the country. This is the main difference of the two types of immigration bonds apart from the specified purpose.
The other essential aspect to know about immigration bonds is that it can be paid in two ways. There is the surety bond where the family of friends of the detainee can choose to work with an immigration bond agent where the agent gets a certain percentage of the bond amount. In any case, the surety bond is non-refundable. Consequently, there is also the cash bond where family and friends to the detainee pay cash directly to the immigration and customs enforcement. The cash bond is refundable once the detainee has attended all the case hearings which in this case are compulsory. The cash bond can be paid in the form of cash, cheque or money order. You may further read about bail bonds, visit http://www.dictionary.com/browse/bail-bond